About Greg De Tisi and WHO this course is for

Greg De Tisi is an author of 25 books on Success and happiness. He has been coaching for over 10 years and has helped students around the globe to change their entire lives, careers and start and grow small businesses. He works from home and loves to teach 1:1. he also is passionate about being personal and himself and dislikes hype or over the top teaching. His philosophy is 'let's get people coached and let's help the world 1 by 1 to live fully and passionately in whatever they choose to do. Greg lives in Bristol in the UK and just loves so many things including travelling, music and most of all spending time with his family. he gives to charity and helps wherever he can. Greg is a certified Life and Small Business Growth Coach and NLP practitioner. But has also studied in many areas over a 15 period. His 'not so-secret' to success is 1) Be yourself 2) Share that 3) Live and love 4) Work on your own mind daily.

Greg is there for you in all that you do and you will find a support page where you can contact him should you have any questions you need answering.

This course is designed for you

If you…

  • Are a stuck right now doing something you hate or wish to change your life and create a new chapter then this is designed for you to thrive
  • If you are not feeling confident about what to do with your life, career or business or doubt your abilities then this is for you
  • If you wish to find your passions and be the best in your chosen field or even perhaps re-train this is for you
  • Want to make an income from the work you actually LOVE doing this is for you
  • Want to live a purposeful life on your terms this is for you
  • So who am I and why on earth do I think I could help…I am Greg De Tisi, the creator behind the Love, Passion and Purpose Course and Book TM. (You can see me there smiling as usual - I don't like to take life too seriously and think it should be fun!) In Short I’m a certified Life and Business Coach, a certified NLP practitioner, Author and Entrepreneur & founder of Love, Passion and Purpose Coaching Brand. I have written 23 books on happiness and success in areas such as business, growth, mindset, passion and attraction amongst other things. I’m a former employed worker who has had a variety of past careers including a bank job and working for the government. Im a great lover of doing nothing apart from listening to music in my spare time (one of my passions). I love nature and travel and am very passionate about my family and friends. The last 10 years has given me a wealth of experience wit helping others and learning about myself in a much greater depth. I am committed to awareness and consciousness and have learned and developed from all of my varied and rich past. And now I am here to share. So if you are STRUGGLING to make your life, career or business work, or finding it hard to get satisfaction you need from your life AND…If no matter what you’ve tried it just doesn’t seem to be working, you feel like you are NOT HEARD and NOT SEEN through the noise…
  • I can help you to get where you really want to be.

In Greg's Words now - How do I know I can help you?

Well I’ve been there,

In my experience, I know how common it is for us to have a idea but just not know how to make it work in practice. it’s important to me to be able to express this and this is where the passion comes from.

It can be tough, there can be challenges but this is a part of life and we can conquer our lives. I know that I have done exactly that. In the face of adversity, struggle and pain I managed to overcome many things EVEN TECHNOLOGY! So, I know that you can achieve what you truly wish to achieve.

I have dropped out of art college, had a string of crappy annoying jobs, had businesses not perform the way I wanted, I’ve been the one who’s struggled to attract my success and live with passion. And so I’ve had the experience of finding it tough even to pay my bills, trying to make the money I had stretch and felt the pain of defeat.

But the truth is, if I hadn’t gone through all of that I wouldn’t have a successful business now.

It’s down to all of my past struggles where I have truly developed my skills, understood what works and was able to take my new business from zero to replacing my job income in a matter of months.

We all have struggles don't we but it's how we bounce back that defines where we end up. Life and business inevitably have successes and failures along the way, and you may even have already experienced some of this. What is interesting to me is that every successful entrepreneur has a failed business in their past

So what now?

If you want to make your life, career or business work no matter what you wish to do, and build a working life that fits your needs, have financial security through the work you LOVE doing, and time for your personal life, then get in touch for more coaching.

I want your next move to be right for you, to achieve your desired goals, and with the 1:1 Love, Passion & Purpose Coaching Programme I run which gives you step-by-step tools to design your life your way, at www.GregDeTisi.com I help global clients to reach thir personal and professional goals which helps with mindset, life changes, and carrer or business passions to elevate clients past their own expectations of success and happiness creating more balance in the world. Whether you want to run a local business or an international brand I have the tools to help you become equipped to deal with the ups and downs of change. I am here to make dreams become a reality.

I have already helped hundreds of people just like you to build the success they wanted and they deserved.